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It's Going To Be a Long Summer
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     "What's wrong?" Mom asked Shelly as the young girl came into the kitchen and plopped down on a chair.
2     Shelly pouted and crossed her arms. "Today is the last day of school!"
3     "I know. Aren't you excited about having the whole summer off?" asked Mom.
4     Shelly burst into tears. "Not without Kristy!" she sobbed, putting her head in her hands.
5     "Oh," said Mom, shaking her head in sympathy as she walked over to the table and put her hands on Shelly's shoulders to console her. Slowly, Shelly composed herself.
6     "Kristy is my best friend, Mom. What I am going to do ALL summer without her?"
7     "It will be okay. After all, it's not the WHOLE summer. She's just going to visit her grandparents until the end of July," said Mom.
8     Shelly got up from the table, walked over to the counter, and grabbed her lunch. "But it's such a long time," she said, pouting again.
9     "It will go by quickly. Is Kristy still coming over after school today?"
10     "I think so," said Shelly as she picked up her backpack and put her lunch inside the pack.
11     "Then I will see you both this afternoon," said Mom, ushering Shelly out the door as the bus drove up to the end of the driveway.
12     "Bye, Mom," said Shelly, hanging her head and walking slowly to the bus.

Paragraphs 13 to 63:
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