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Becoming a Columnist
By Brenda B. Covert

1     Making a living as a columnist is the dream of many writers, but it's a tough field to break into. The good news is that there are almost as many categories of columns as there are publications that print them. You can find columns in a multitude of magazines and newspapers - including school papers. If you have a way with words and love to express your own opinions, perhaps you have what it takes to write a weekly column!
2     A column is similar to an essay. Generally speaking, you write about topics within a specific subject. Columnists typically cover their area of expertise, be it finance, politics, technology, parenting, sports, music, humor, household hints, gossip, gardening, fashion, or advice. Ann Landers and Abigail van Buren are the pen names of two famous advice columnists. Dave Barry is a popular humor columnist. However, you aren't limited to those types of columns. Where do your interests lie? You may be able to create a column based on one of those interests (if there are enough readers with the same interest). Take some time now to come up with three areas of interest, and list them here:



6     Studying other columns may help you work out the details of your own column. Look through a newspaper and identify at least three different columnists. List them here and include the category each falls under:



Paragraphs 10 to 18:
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