Meghan Gets Involved in the Campaign - Reading Comprehension
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Meghan Gets Involved in the Campaign Reading Comprehension
     Meghan Gets Involved in the Campaign reading comprehension (sample is shown below)

Meghan Gets Involved in the Campaign
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     "Wow," said Meghan as she looked around the large room they had just entered. "Look at all the posters and phones!"
2     "Can I help you?" a young woman asked.
3     "Yes," said Mr. Edwin. "We're here to find out how to get involved in the campaign."
4     "That's wonderful," she said, reaching out her hand to welcome Mr. Edwin. "My name is Karen."
5     "Hi, Karen," said Mr. Edwin. "This is Meghan. She's going to be studying presidential campaigns in school. I thought maybe we could get some firsthand experience."
6     "Hi, Meghan! What are you interested in doing?" asked Karen.
7     "What is there to do?" asked Meghan.
8     "Oh, my!" said Karen, smiling and raising her hand to brush back her hair. "There are many things to do. You can pass out flyers, put up lawn signs, take a bumper sticker for your car, answer phones, and I could go on and on."
9     "I think we'll take a bumper sticker for our car, a lawn sign, and some flyers to hand out," said Mr. Edwin. "That would be a good start."
10     "Okay. I'll get them for you," said Karen, turning to walk away.
11     "Is that all a campaign does?" asked Meghan.

Paragraphs 12 to 39:
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