Trade and the World Marketplace - Reading Comprehension
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Trade and the World Marketplace Reading Comprehension
     Trade and the World Marketplace reading comprehension (sample is shown below)

Trade and the World Marketplace
By Cindy Campbell

1     Have you eaten in a McDonald's restaurant lately? While you were enjoying your McNuggets, did you know that on the other side of the world someone your age might have been munching a McDonald's meal, too? Many American products can be found in other countries, and many foreign products can be found in the United States. Things we buy everyday may be made in places like Hong Kong or Mexico.
2     How does this happen? It is all due to trade-exchanging products among countries. The more products people in the world exchange, the more connected the world becomes.
3     People have traded things for thousands of years. The first traders didn't use money. They used a system called bartering. This means that you trade one item for another item. Bartering is done face-to-face. Marbles and sports cards are common things you may collect. If your friend has something you want, you may be able to make a deal by trading a marble or a card for it. Completing that trade would mean that you bartered.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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