Health Insurance - Reading Comprehension
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Health Insurance Reading Comprehension
     Health Insurance reading comprehension (sample is shown below)

Health Insurance
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     The impact left crumpled metal where the sleek body of the car had been. Safety glass was scattered across the road like carelessly tossed diamonds. Firefighters crowded close, using every means at their disposal to remove the trapped person in the car. An ambulance waited nearby for its burden before screaming off to the nearest hospital.
2     It's a familiar picture on the news. No matter what the cause of the crash, we know the victim will be taken care of. A team of medical professionals will look after him. Right?
3     Most states have laws that require every person to be treated at a hospital even if they don't have insurance. Insurance is a way of protecting yourself against sudden large costs. For instance, when you drive a car, you must have insurance. You find a company that will pay certain claims for you for a price you can afford. That price is called a premium. The premium will be different for each person. If you are getting car insurance, they look at your driving record, how old you are, and your gender. If you have an accident, your insurance company will pay some or all of the costs. It is similar to health insurance. With health insurance the premiums are based on your age, weight, personal habits, and prior health history. A person who has already had large health problems would have to pay more. The problem is that not everyone can afford it.
4     What would happen if you had insurance and were in an accident, but there was no doctor to treat you? This is a growing problem all over the country. Some doctors, like neurosurgeons and obstetricians, are no longer practicing because they can no longer afford malpractice insurance. Malpractice insurance covers the costs if a doctor makes mistakes in treating a patient. Without it, doctors run the risk of losing everything they have worked so hard for.

Paragraphs 5 to 15:
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