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American Revolution
The Intolerable Acts

The Intolerable Acts
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     challenging words:    mandatory, self-government, rebellion, defy, lasting, refused, directly, communication, favor, belief, supplies, summary, official, trial, access, news
     content words:    King George, Boston Harbor, Coercive Acts, Intolerable Acts, Act I- The Boston Port Act, East India Tea Company, Act II- Massachusetts Government Act, Act III- Administration, Justice Act, Act IV- The Quartering Act

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The Intolerable Acts
By Jane Runyon

1     The colonists were so upset with the tax that King George and Parliament imposed on tea that they threw 342 trunks of tea into Boston Harbor. They knew that they would get the attention of the British that way. It did get the attention of the king and Parliament. They were furious. They decided that the colonists must be punished, just as a naughty child was punished for destroying something which belonged to his parents. The list of punishments was long and severe. The British called them the Coercive Acts. The colonists called them the Intolerable Acts. Here is a summary of the five new laws the British imposed on the colonists as punishment in 1774.
2     Act I- The Boston Port Act. Boston Harbor would be closed to all ships until the colonists paid the East India Tea Company for all the tea that had been destroyed.
3     Act II- Massachusetts Government Act. The colony of Massachusetts was no longer allowed to make its own laws.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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