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William Lloyd Garrison

William Lloyd Garrison
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     challenging words:    anti-slavery, burning, libel, settling, stilled, tactics, untrue, slavery, quakers, immediately, writing, hometown, alcohol, wherever, life, death
     content words:    William Lloyd Garrison, Lloyd Garrison, President Abraham Lincoln, Civil War

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William Lloyd Garrison
By Jane Runyon

1     William Lloyd Garrison lived his adult life speaking out against injustice. He vowed that nothing would keep him from speaking his mind. He was not an easy man to argue with. He made up his mind about what was right. He let no person sway him from his beliefs.
2     William Lloyd Garrison had a very humble beginning. He was the son of a sailor. He was born in 1805. He called Newburyport, Massachusetts, home. Garrison's father deserted his family when William was only three years old. He and his mother had to find food wherever they could. They went through the trash of rich people. He sold firewood and homemade candy door to door.
3     Garrison became an apprentice at age thirteen to help the family. He worked for a newspaper in his hometown. It was here that Garrison learned the skills he would need as an adult.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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