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Native Americans
Powhatan Confederacy

Powhatan Confederacy
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     challenging words:    kinship, re-formed, reclassify, subsistence, ruling, outbreak, ceremonial, southerly, political, gunpoint, society, extremely, lasted, attempt, anger, tribe
     content words:    Powhatan Confederacy, When Powhatan, Native American, John Rolfe, Some Jamestown, Native Americans

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Powhatan Confederacy
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     The Powhatan Confederacy was not really a confederacy as we know it. A confederacy is usually the joining together of equal groups with an equal voice in government. These were tribes under Powhatan's foot that were conquered or intimidated into joining him.
2     It is thought that Powhatan's people came from a more southerly part of America, but were forced north when the Spanish came. Powhatan's father moved the tribe into Virginia and promptly took over five other tribes. When Powhatan became chief, he increased the "confederacy" to thirty tribes.
3     These tribes included about 200 villages, most of them enclosed by palisades. Outside the village walls were cultivated fields for corn and beans.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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