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Colonial America (1492-1765)
House of Burgesses

House of Burgesses
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     challenging words:    success, malaria, outbreak, representative, tobacco, government, meeting, future, free, people, church, affect, important, person, vote, picking
     content words:    Jamestown Colony, Native Americans, United States

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House of Burgesses
By Cathy Pearl

1     The Jamestown Colony was a success. The people who helped start it were happy. They wanted to make sure the colony and Virginia continued to grow. They also wanted to make sure there were laws for the colony.
2     A new government was started. This government would be similar to the one in England. There would not be a king like in England. The settlers would have a choice when picking people to make laws for them.
3     A governor was sent around to the different settlements. At each settlement, two people were elected. These people were called burgesses. The burgesses had to be men who were at least 17. They had to own land. This is how the House of Burgesses got its name.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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