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Native Americans
The Seminoles Wars

The Seminoles Wars
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     challenging words:    hunter-gatherers, trapping, further, foothold, military, resistance, safeguard, invisible, reservation, refused, runaway, reputation, superior, slavery, power, government
     content words:    South Carolina, Seminole War, Andrew Jackson, Native Americans, United States, Indian Removal Act, President Andrew Jackson, Second Seminole War, On December, Major Dade

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The Seminoles Wars
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     The Seminoles are blended from many different tribes from across Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. They began as hunter-gatherers but became excellent farmers under the Spanish rule of Florida.
2     Perhaps the single most important part of their culture was their pride in who they were. This was a trait that annoyed the British. The Seminoles believed in personal freedom and independence. They did not care to depend on the British or the Spanish for things they wanted. This meant that others could not easily get a foothold of power over the people.
3     Many of the tribes in Georgia and South Carolina practiced slavery. The Seminoles refused to do so. Then when runaway slaves asked for protection, they granted it. This made many of the American slave owners very unhappy. They planned to attack some Seminole villages in 1812. The Seminoles heard of the plot and attacked first. That action angered the U.S. government.
4     The first Seminole War began in 1817 when Andrew Jackson invaded Florida. Jackson had a reputation for hating Native Americans. He raided and burned Seminole villages and captured the two Spanish towns, St. Marks and Pensacola.

Paragraphs 5 to 14:
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