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Colonial America (1492-1765)
Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin
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     challenging words:    almanac, bifocal, seller, schooling, insurance, successful, fifteenth, supplies, people, business, often, become, printer, dangerous, company, free
     content words:    United States, Benjamin Franklin, Ben Franklin, Abiah Folger, Pennsylvania Gazette, Colonial America, Revolutionary War

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Benjamin Franklin
By Cathy Pearl

1     There are many people who have helped the United States. One of these people was Benjamin Franklin. Ben Franklin helped the United States when they were at war. He also invented many things. People still use some of these things today. He helped the United States become a great nation.
2     Ben Franklin was born in 1706. His father's name was Josiah. He made candles and soap. His mother was Abiah Folger. Josiah was married twice. He had seventeen children. Ben was the fifteenth. He was the youngest boy.
3     Ben was eight when he started school. He only went to school for two years. His father didn't have any money to pay for more schooling. He stayed at home and read many books. This was how he learned new things.
4     Ben went to live with his brother when he was twelve. James was a printer. Ben helped his brother with his newspaper. Ben would sell the paper. This helped Ben learn how to be a printer. He worked hard everyday. Ben stayed with his brother until he was 17.

Paragraphs 5 to 11:
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