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Hispanic Heritage
Who Thought Up This Food?

Who Thought Up This Food?
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     challenging words:    traditional, travelers, totally, entire, golden-brown, grated, griddle, origin, purpose, actually, cornbread, interesting, print, recipe, certain, ever
     content words:    United States, World War II, In America, In Mexico, Native Americans, Mexico City, Central America

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Who Thought Up This Food?
By Cathy Pearl

1     Have you ever thought about the food that you are eating? Do you think that most of it started in the United States? A lot of food didn't start here. It was brought from other countries by explorers and travelers. You would probably be surprised about where some of your favorite food started.
2     The word burrito was first seen in print in 1934. The burrito probably started somewhere between California and Arizona. Burrito means donkey in Spanish. A burrito was sold at a famous Spanish restaurant in the 1930s. It is made with a rolled tortilla. It is then cooked on a griddle. A fried burrito is called a chimichanga.
3     There is a popular story about how the chimichanga was invented. People think that a cook dropped a burrito in a deep fat fryer. No one knows if he did this on purpose or by accident. Either way, most people say it was invented in Arizona right after World War II. Like the burrito, it became popular across America in the 1950s.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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