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Lewis and Clark


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     challenging words:    infant, stranded, member, reunion, listed, adult, blubber, fell, roots, traveled, trader, likely, journey, daughter, supplies, fort
     content words:    Rocky Mountains, Pacific Ocean, In November, Louisiana Territory, United States, Native American, Native Americans, When Shoshone, Shoshone Indians, William Clark

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By Cathy Pearl

1     Sacagawea was a member of the Shoshone tribe. Her life was short. She did a lot in that short life though. She helped a small group of men find their way west over the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. She saw things that most women living in the 1800s would never have a chance to see. What she did is remembered in many ways today.
2     Sacagawea was kidnapped from her home by a war party of Hidatsa when she was about 12. The Hidatsa were enemies. She was taken from her home. She had to live with the Hidatsa. It is believed she was later sold as a slave to a fur trader. He called Sacagawea his wife. In November 1804, the group of explorers came to her village. They were exploring the Louisiana Territory. The United States had bought this land. These explorers built a fort near her home.
3     In 1805, Sacagawea had a son. He also went on the journey. The explorers thought that Sacagawea and her husband could help them. They could speak many different languages. Sacagawea became they only woman that would go all the way to the Pacific Ocean and back.
4     Sacagawea had many jobs on the journey. She would find roots for the men to eat. She would also collect berries and plants that the men could eat. These would also be used as medicine.
5     Sacagawea also proved herself in other ways. In 1805, a boat she was riding in was hit by a big wind. It almost tipped over. Many important papers and some of the supplies fell in the water. She stayed very calm. She managed to save many of these papers for the explorers.

Paragraphs 6 to 13:
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