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Hispanic Heritage
Antonio Santa Anna

Antonio Santa Anna
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     challenging words:    penniless, military, treaty, leadership, beginning, politics, better, lasted, battle, defeat, freedom, member, leader, during, independence, invade
     content words:    Antonio Santa Anna, United States, Santa Anna, Mexican Army, Many Mexican, San Jacinto

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Antonio Santa Anna
By Cathy Pearl

1     Mexico did not have an easy beginning. It had fought hard to win its freedom from Spain. But this was not the end of the trouble in Mexico. The 1800s were very hard. During the 1800s, Antonio Santa Anna was part of a lot of this trouble. He was both loved and hated by many people in Mexico and the United States.
2     Santa Anna was born in 1794. His family was part of the middle class. He went to school for a short time. While still young, he worked for a merchant in Mexico. This did not interest him, and he looked for other work to do.
3     By the age of 16, he was part of the Mexican Army. He fought in Mexico's war against Spain. In the beginning, he fought for Spain and against Mexico! In 1821, he switched sides. He helped pick Mexico's first head of state.
4     Santa Anna did things that were good for him. These things weren't always good for Mexico. He helped a man become the president. This man had lost the election, but Santa Anna didn't care. He was made an important member of the army for his help.

Paragraphs 5 to 11:
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