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The Civil War

Battle of Petersburg

Battle of Petersburg
Reading Level
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     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   7.53

     challenging words:    brilliance, re-supplied, determined, countered, burning, better, entrench, heading, beginning, siege, decisive, weakness, rail, slip, countryside, achieve
     content words:    Cold Harbor, James River, General Wade Hampton, Jubal Early, General Sheridan, Shenandoah Valley, Five Forks, When Grant, General Johnston, North Carolina

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Battle of Petersburg   

1     After the battle of Cold Harbor, Grant moved his troops south, crossing the James River. He was determined to use any means necessary to achieve his victory. If he could confuse the Confederate army, it would be even better.
2     Lee fully expected Grant to try to get to Richmond as his next destination. In this instance, his brilliance and the Confederate scouts failed him. Grant did not show when he was expected, and Lee himself went out with an escort to see where he was. Most of the Confederate army was at Richmond, when Lee arrived at Petersburg. The leading parts of the Union army were already arriving and taking control of the rail lines. If the army had been with him, Lee could have struck a good blow for the Confederacy, but the opportunity was missed. When his own army arrived the next day, it was too late.
3     Lee's only way to protect the city itself and block the Union advance was to entrench his men around both cities. The siege of Petersburg had begun.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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