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K.C.ïs Dream (A One-Act Play)
By Brenda B. Covert

Cast(in order of appearance)
K.C. -ÂÂboy or girl in pajamas
Harriet Tubman -ÂÂold-fashioned clothing with bandanna around her head
George Washington Carver -ÂÂshirt and dress pants, carrying a bag marked "Peanuts"
Madam C.J. Walker -ÂÂstylish hair and blouse with floor-length skirt
Nat King Cole -ÂÂshirt and button-down sweater or sweater vest, old style
Martin Luther King Jr. -ÂÂbusiness suit
Oprah Winfrey -ÂÂclassy outfit, big hair, and microphone
Michael Jordan -ÂÂbasketball uniform (Chicago Bulls or similar) and basketball
Chorus -ÂÂtwo or more children dressed in matching robes or jeans and t-shirts
Setting: a child's bedroom at night. Bed sits center stage with head upstage and foot downstage. A large pillow allows K.C.'s head to be seen even when reclining. A chair sits on each side of the bed.
K.C.:ÂÂ(enters and sits on edge of bed, facing audience) I'm glad this day is over. Some kids were mean to me just because I'm black. (Shakes head) I don't know why they think they're better than me. My teacher says we're all created equal. I don't know what to think. What if they're right? (Gets into bed, pulls covers up to chin, lies head on pillow, and quickly falls asleep)
[CHORUS of children quietly walks single fileto the head of the bed and lines up behind it.]
HARRIET TUBMAN:ÂÂ(entering stage right to stand beside bed, facing audience. Speaks firmly) K.C., you and I need to have a talk.
K.C.:ÂÂ(jerks up, rubbing eyes) What? Who's there?
HARRIET TUBMAN:ÂÂIt's me, child, Harriet Tubman.
K.C.:ÂÂ(staring) The Harriet Tubman? The runaway slave? In my bedroom? (Puts hands over eyes) I must be dreaming!
HARRIET TUBMAN:ÂÂ(sitting in chair) Listen to me. (K.C. puts hands down to look at TUBMAN) I was born into slavery. I saw a lot of injustice in my life, but I didn't let it hold me down. I escaped! I found freedom!
K.C.:ÂÂI know! And you helped a lot of other slaves escape to freedom too! If you had been caught, you could have been killed. You were so brave!
HARRIET TUBMAN:ÂÂ(proudly) I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can't say. I never ran my train off the track, and I never lost a passenger.

Paragraphs 15 to 106:
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