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Obituary - a Brief Biography

Obituary - a Brief Biography
Reading Level
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     challenging words:    coot, maniacal, membership, obituary, stingy, military, widely, mosque, writing, optional, charitable, biography, death, contribution, fictional, founder
     content words:    Agatha Elvira Gulch, Wicked Witch, Wicked Witch Castle, Haunted Forest, Emerald City, Elvis Otto Gulch, Myrna Winifred Gulch, Winkie Army, Dogstew Shelter, Homeless Wizards

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Obituary - a Brief Biography
By Brenda B. Covert

1     Every person who dies gets an obituary. An obituary is more than an announcement of a death. It is a brief biography of the person's life. It's published in newspapers. Take a moment to read a few obituaries from your newspaper.
2     You will see that the average obituary follows a form. Normally, it will tell the person's full name, age, and time and place of death. Sometimes the cause of death is also shared. Obituaries sometimes include the person's address. Then comes the birth date, hometown, and the names of the parents. The obituary will list survivors; those are the close family members who are still living. Sometimes it will also list the names of close family members who have already died, such as spouses, siblings, and children.
3     Other information may be shared in an obituary. People can be remembered for activities and achievements. Schools attended and degrees earned are often included. Perhaps occupation will be mentioned. Church, temple, or mosque membership will be listed, as well as membership in other clubs or charitable organizations. Any military service will also be included.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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