Sample Christmas Radio Play (religious) Worksheet
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Christmas Radio Play (religious)
By Mary L. Bushong


Inn Keeper
Inn Keeper's Wife
Shepherd #1
Shepherd #2
Shepherd #3

Caesar Augustus in Rome had said that every man and his family must return to his home town. There, they would be counted and taxed. The town of Bethlehem had to deal with many new arrivals.

Inn Keeper:  
Business is good. Our rooms are almost full!

Inn Keeper's Wife:  
We have a problem. There is a woman outside who is going to have a baby very soon. Do we have room for them?

Inn Keeper:  
We have no room for someone like that.

Inn Keeper's Wife:  
We cannot just tell her to have her baby on the street.

Paragraphs 13 to 61:
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