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The Best Valentine's Day Ever
By Brenda B. Covert

CastAnnaBabuChristyDiegoANNA:Christy! Diego! I have someone I would like you to meet!
CHRISTY: Uh, hi. My name is ... uh ... Christy.
DIEGO: Just a minute. There! Okay, now I can see - whoa! Are those what I think they are?
ANNA: Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is Babu. He's an alien. He crash-landed in my backyard!
BABU: Pleased to meet you.
DIEGO:Wow! You are so lucky, Anna!
CHRISTY: Do you think he's here to take over the world?
ANNA:Don't be silly! He's here to learn about Valentine's Day!
BABU:We do not have Valentine's Day on my planet. My people sent me to find out what a valentine is.
DIEGO: It's mushy love stuff. You don't want to know.
CHRISTY: Don't tell him that! Valentine's Day is a special day to give cards to friends and family.
ANNA:I told Babu about our Valentine's Day party. I invited him to come.

Paragraphs 15 to 43:
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