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"Fore" - The History of Golf

"Fore" - The History of Golf
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"Fore" - The History of Golf
By Jane Runyon

1     It doesn't take much imagination to see how the game of golf probably started. Pick up a stick and walk with it. It probably won't take too long before you are hitting at small rocks with the stick. Historians agree that that is probably how the idea of golf began. Who played the first game of golf has stirred up a bit more controversy.
2     The Chinese claim to have played a form of golf long before anyone else ever thought of it. Drawings have been uncovered which show a game being played in early China. Ten clubs were used to move an object across the ground. The clubs were inlaid with precious jewels. This is a sign that the game could only be enjoyed by the very rich. One of the Chinese officials is said to have asked his daughter to dig some holes in the ground. These holes were to be the targets the players aimed at. The Chinese believe their game was taken to Europe by travelers and traders from Mongolia.
3     Some people believe that the game was brought to Scotland in 1421 by travelers from Holland and Belgium. Credit for the name golf is given to the Dutch whose word "kolf" means stick or club. The first time golf was mentioned in Europe was in 1297. One history reads that a city in the Netherlands had a contest where players tried to hit a ball into a target several hundred yards away. These games did not use a hole for the players to drive the ball into.

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