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The Fair

The Fair
Reading Level
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     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   7.66

     challenging words:    camped, carnival, midway, nineteenth, operate, reunion, mainly, camper, organization, fairs, friendship, roots, mostly, admission, simple, nearly
     content words:    Neshoba County Fair, County Fair, Giant House Party, Neshoba County, Coldwater Fair, Neshoba County Stock, Agricultural Fair Association, Neshoba Countian, Fair Cabin, Fair Cabins

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The Fair
By Stacey Marshall

1     The Neshoba County Fair has its roots in agricultural fairs and in church camp meetings that were popular in the nineteenth century.The Neshoba County Fair is called Mississippi's Giant House Party, and it is just that.Neshoba County families gather from across the country every summer for a week-long family reunion and house party like no other.This may be the only time all year that families are able to come together.The fair means a time of friendship, fellowship, and activities like none other.Many families have started traditions that have continued for years.
2     The first fair was called the Coldwater Fair because of the area in the county where it was held in 1889.Two years later, in 1891, the fair was organized as a private corporation and was called the Neshoba County Stock and Agricultural Fair Association and was moved to its present site.Admission was charged for the first time in order to operate the fair.The Neshoba County Fair remains a self-supporting non-profit organization today with operating funds derived mainly from admissions and concessions.
3     When asking nearly every Neshoba Countian, "Where do you spend the last week in July?"they will simply tell you "The Fair."That is how it is known to fair goers.When the first families began coming to "The Fair", they camped on the grounds for the duration of the fair.In 1894 a pavilion was constructed to accommodate visitors.Cabins began replacing wagons and tents, and in 1898 oak trees were planted for shade around the pavilion.The Oaks are still standing there today, spreading shade on hot summer days.The Pavilion and The Oaks together create what is called "Founder's Square."

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