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Ohio's Inventive Places

Ohio's Inventive Places
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     challenging words:    estate, existence, induction, nuclear, selection, testament, fiber, organization, committee, medical, instrumental, real-life, birthplace, botany, unique, material
     content words:    Thomas A., National Inventors Hall, Fame Museum, Battelle Memorial Institute, Memorial Institute, Battelle Institute, Gordon Battelle, John G., On September, King Avenue

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Ohio's Inventive Places   

1     It might be said that Ohio is the home state for inventors. Certainly, Ohioans can be proud of inventors like Thomas A. Edison who was born in Milan, Ohio, or the Wright brothers who lived in Dayton, Ohio. These men's inventions changed the world, and they are forever appreciated for their work. Ohioans should also take pride in the fact that the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum is located in Akron, and the headquarters for Battelle Memorial Institute is found in Columbus, Ohio.
2     In the Inventor's Hall of Fame Museum, visitors can spend hours studying patented inventions and innovations that have become part of our day to day world. Over 200 inventors, both men and women, are honored in this museum. Visitors can see inventions and read about the inspiring people who found creative ways to solve real-life problems. Each year a selection committee chooses new inventors for induction into the Hall of Fame. Throughout the year, special activities are available to those interested in participating in creating new tools, devices, and technology.
3     South of the Inventor's Hall of Fame Museum is a unique and important facility where inventors of national and global scientific importance work, Battelle Memorial Institute. In 2006, Battelle celebrates its 75th year in existence. Each year since 1929, scientists, researchers, doctors, technicians, teachers, and engineers have gathered at Battelle Institute to find ways to make the world a better place through science and technology.

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