Sample What is unique about Alaska? Worksheet
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What is unique about Alaska?
By Kimberly York

1     Do you like to stay up late and play? In Alaska the days are long in the summer. Lots of outside things happen in the summer.
2     The sun is closest to the earth in June. This is called the solstice. This comes on June 21st. It is light a long time. It is light up to 24 hours by the North Pole. The sun is out for 19 hours by the Gulf of Alaska.

Paragraphs 3 to 6:
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What is unique about Alaska?

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1.   When is the sun closest to the earth in Alaska?
2.   How long is it light at the North Pole?
  24 hours
  5 hours
  19 hours
3.   What can you not do in the summer at night?
4.   What two things do people use on the windows to keep out the sun?
  Blinds and blankets
  Sheets and towels
  Foil and thick curtains
5.   What grows big in Alaska?
6.   Where is it light for 19 hours in the summer?
  Near the Gulf of Alaska
  North Pole

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