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Home of Mac and the Snowbirds
By Joanne Mortensen

1     Canada doesn't have states; it has provinces and territories. If you look at a map of Canada, you will see one province right in the middle that looks different from all the other provinces. Saskatchewan stands out because its sides are straight. If you look near the bottom of the province, about half way between the right and left border you will find Moose Jaw.
2     Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is about two hundred miles north of the American border. Its name comes from a Cree word, moscāstani-sīpiy, which means "a warm place by the river." The first part of the Cree word sounds like Moose Jaw. It is home to some interesting animals such as Mac the Moose and the Snowbirds.
3     Mac the Moose is the world's largest moose. He is thirty two feet high. That is as tall as ten grade three students standing on each others' shoulders. Mac weighs about as much as three hundred grade three students, or about ten tons. Mac was born in May 1984 and lives at the Moose Jaw Tourist Center. In case you haven't guessed yet, Mac isn't real. His body is made of metal pipes covered with cement.

Paragraphs 4 to 6:
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