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Weyburn Red Wings
By Natalie Regier

1     I glanced up at the picture and a smile spread across my face. The picture is a little blurry, a little out of focus, but what a great memory! My uncle and I are smiling. We are standing proudly with the Royal Bank Cup at our side. Not a lot of kids get their picture taken moments after a victory such as this. It takes me back to that night ... not so long ago ...
2     We are at the Colosseum. My mom and dad are sitting on either side of me. I am wedged between them. There is standing room only. Not a seat can be found in the entire rink. It is a sold out crowd, and the air is filled with electricity. I can feel my heart pounding with excitement. This is a big night. After going into overtime and then triple overtime in the semi-finals, the Weyburn Red Wings have made it to the championship game of the 2005 Royal Bank Cup. The Red Wings shouldn't be here. They didn't make the playoffs, but they were the host team. The host team gets a buy into the tournament but not into the final game. They had to work really hard to get here. I can't believe I get to come watch the final game! It almost seems like I'm having a dream. I'm sure Uncle feels the same way.
3     The game is going to start! The announcer is calling out the names of the players. I see my uncle on the bench. He is one of the coaches. I am so proud of him. I am a true prairie girl. Hockey is in my genes. I have been coming to Red Wing games since I was two years old. My uncle likes me to come. He says I'm good luck. Auntie and Uncle have no kids, so they spoil us rotten. We are their kids - my brother, I, and the boys. The boys are listening to Uncle. They are ready to play. They are living the dream!

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