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Nothing Like Family
By Tammy Scarbrough

1     Brandon was very excited. His family was leaving for their family reunion which takes place every three years. He could hardly wait to see his cousins again. This year, they would spend the week at Chickasaw State Park in Henderson, Tennessee. It would take two days to drive there from Arizona, but the drive was worth all the fun they would have.
2     Once they arrived, they moved all their luggage and camping gear into the cabin where they would be sleeping all week. It was pretty hot outside at 92 F, but there was a really neat lake by their campsite. They could go swimming anytime they wanted.
3     The families visited with each other all day Sunday while they were waiting for other families to arrive. On Monday, everyone went horseback riding. Tuesday was a day for canoeing down the Tennessee River. Brandon and his dad tipped over their canoe two times when they hit a big rock, but they weren't hurt. On Wednesday and Thursday, everyone went swimming in the lake. When Brandon and his cousins went hiking Thursday afternoon, they saw raccoons and squirrels. They thought they heard something strange, so they all ran back to camp as fast as they could.

Paragraphs 4 to 5:
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