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Norway - History
By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman

1     Norwegians were Norsemen, or Normans--the Vikings who traded and raided throughout northern Europe from about 800 to 1100 AD. Early European chronicles describe those forays, which changed and greatly influenced the culture and history of Europe. Words of German dialect spoken by Vikings resembled the language spoken in England at the time. The daring and bravery with which they wandered the seas was told in many colorful stories and poems, called sagas.
2     Skillful and daring seamen, they were the most efficient shipbuilders in Europe. As early as 787, they began to attack the coasts of England. They settled Greenland and Iceland, and from there, they sailed as far as the eastern borders of North America, which they called Vinland. It is believed that they reached the coast of North America in the 900's, but later abandoned their settlements there.
3     Even though Vikings were farmers in their homeland, spending their spare time playing quite peaceful games similar to chess, and various dice games, in their adventurous invasions on the sea early Vikings loved war and fighting. They wore horned helmets and carried bronze lances and curved trumpets. They killed, stole, and destroyed every place they landed. These first invasions were simply acts of piracy, but in some cases these invasions led to some very important settlements. They built the city of Dublin--the capital of modern Ireland--in about 840. The city was the center of Viking power in Ireland, and the influence of Norwegian Vikings in Ireland and Scotland lasted throughout the Middle Ages.

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