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Croatia - History
By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman

1     From about the 10th century BC, the country that is now modern Croatia, along with modern Albania and Slovenia, was a part of Illyria. Illyrians lived in tribes and had self-governing communities with elders as their leaders. Illyria was a coastal nation and had its own navy. It pirated Greek and Roman settlements and, finally, was conquered by Romans and became part of the Roman Empire called Illyricum.
2     Under the rule of the Roman Empire, Illyria became very prosperous, serving as a trading and transit link for Rome because of its convenient seaports and roads built by Romans. It also became a very important Roman province through which the culture of ancient Rome spread further to the "barbarian" peoples of what is now eastern and central Europe. In fact, some of Rome's greatest emperors came from Illyria, including Constantine the Great and Diocletian. It is interesting to note that most of these emperors were chosen by their own soldiers while in battle--the Roman Senate simply approved them later.
3     Split was the administrative center of Illyricum. It is now best known for the ruins of the Palace of Diocletian--one of the largest and finest Roman ruins still standing. Along with its surrounding royal residences, churches, and fortifications, the palace was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site-a place protected by the international community as having a special universal value. In fact, many modern residents of Split still consider the palace to be the city's center and not just a museum. Despite ongoing archeological studies at the site, much of the palace's buildings are used even today. The cathedral and baptistry continue to be used, as do shops in the old Roman arcades.

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