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The Big Burp
By Shannon Jackson

1     "Gran, can you tell me the story about the fair maiden?"
2     "Oh, Ginnie," Gran replied, "aren't you sick to death of those old stories?"
3     "You know I never get tired of hearing about 'the big burp'."
4     "It was more than a burp, Little Missy," Gran scolded Ginnie. "Fifty-seven people lost their lives that day, not to mention the seven thousand deer, elk, and bears, twelve million Chinook and coho salmon, and millions of birds and small animals that died." Gran handed Ginnie the last dish to be dried and put away. "Okay, I can see we'll get no peace until you get your way. Let's go outside where it's cooler."

Paragraphs 5 to 13:
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