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Devils Lake Fishing
By Tammy Scarbrough

1     When the weather's right, we like to load the boat and head up to Devils Lake in North Dakota. This time, the weather was cool, and the lake was calm. We cranked up the motor and headed for our favorite fishing spot. We turned on our depth finder and started to look at the electronic map of the bottom of the lake. We found what we were looking for.
2     It looked like a small mountain under the water. It was twenty feet under the boat and went as deep as eighty feet. We saw a lot of black spots and squiggly lines on the depth finder. We cast our colorful lures out and let them sink to the bottom of the lake. Then we slowly pulled them up and down. All of a sudden, the pole in my hand jerked hard. My grip tightened. My heart started to race as my fishing reel began to scream.
3     "I got a fish!" I hollered.
4     I gathered my nerves and slowly reeled in what was certain to be a big fish. I pulled hard, but the fish pulled harder. It wasn't long before the big fish came to the surface. It splashed and danced on the water. I reeled it closer to the boat. We dipped a large net into the water and scooped up the fish.
5     "That's a northern pike. Look at those teeth," I yelled.

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