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The Sioux
By Tammy Scarbrough

1     The Sioux Indians began to move into the Great Plains before the American Revolution. They originally lived on or near the Mississippi River in southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and northern Iowa. Many tribes were fighting each other during this time. The Chippewa Indians were especially hard on the Sioux, so the Sioux were forced to move to the Great Plains of the Dakotas. They liked the land and the freedom, so they decided to stay.
2     The Sioux became famous for their skill with horses. They liked to ride ponies because they were so quick. They used these animals to hunt buffalo. The hunter would hold his bow in his left hand and arrows in his right hand. If he missed the buffalo the first time, he had a couple more tries before the pony carried him away. The Sioux did not waste any part of the buffalo. It was used for meat, tools, clothing, toys, and many other practical uses. Even the tail was used as a fly swatter.
3     The Plains were so vast that it was easy for hunters to get lost. They would start out moving away from the sun and shoot an arrow ahead of them. This helped them make sure they were going in a straight line so they would not end up getting lost from the tribe.

Paragraphs 4 to 7:
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