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The Moose of Maine
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     "Mom!" cried Sam as he slammed the back door. "Mom!!"
2     Mom came into the kitchen to greet her son.
3     "Yes?" she asked him.
4     "Oh, there you are," said Sam with a grin.
5     "Yes, here I am," said Mom. "Now, what can I do for you?"
6     "I have to write an essay about a moose," said Sam. "Can you help me?"
7     "Of course," said Mom. "Let's go to the library and see what we can find. Put your school bag in your room, and we'll walk over to the library."
8     "Great!" said Sam as he ran off to put his stuff away.
9     Later at the library, Mom showed Sam how to find information for his report. They used the computer to search for books and magazines. They found a stack of items to look through and chose three books that looked best. Using his library card, Sam checked out the books, and they headed home to begin.
10     Sitting at the kitchen table, Mom helped Sam to put the books in order. Two were at his reading level, while the third was one Mom would read aloud. Sam took his books to his room and began to read. When he was finished, he came back to the kitchen where Mom was preparing dinner.
11     "I'm done with my books. Can we read the other one now?" asked Sam.

Paragraphs 12 to 35:
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