Sample Lithuania - Culture (Grades 5-7) Worksheet
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Lithuania - Culture
By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman

1     For the last hundred years, much of Lithuania's culture has been in hiding. Different countries occupied Lithuania during that time. They tried to change some or all of the traditions and culture of Lithuania. But Lithuanians did not give up their culture. Today, Lithuanians enjoy the freedom to practice their own unique ways.
2     Part of Lithuanian culture's survival can be found in any average Lithuanian. Lithuanians are thought of as very kind and outgoing people. Generally, Lithuanians place more importance on emotion than on thought. To their neighbors, this sometimes makes Lithuanians seem too carefree. Partly because emotion is so important, Lithuanians have fought hard for the right to express themselves.
3     In the middle of the 20th century, the Soviet Union took control of Lithuania. They outlawed Lithuanian language, schools, and churches. The Soviet Union made it illegal to buy or sell books in the Lithuanian language. But some native Lithuanians lived outside the country. They printed books and magazines in Lithuanian and brought them to Lithuania.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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