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Jordan - History
By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman

1     Jordan, like most countries in the Middle East, has a history that dates back as long as humans have walked the earth. Ancient civilizations of Jordan have played an important part in human history. They have even been mentioned in ancient religious books. Ancient Christian and Jewish books mention Jordanian cities being taken by the Israelites, who wandered through Jordan on the way to the Promised Land.
2     Archaeologists have found man-made tools in Jordan that date to the Paleolithic Era, between 500,000 BC and 17,000 BC. No human remains have ever been found in Jordan from this era, however. During the Neolithic Era, humans in Jordan settled into villages. Evidence of this can be found at Ein Ghazal in Amman, Jordan's capital city. In Ein Ghazal are ruins of neighborhoods of buildings and houses. In fact, one of the world's oldest statues was found at Ein Ghazal. It is almost 8,000 years old and measures about three and a half feet high.
3     Jordan and its people developed cultures through trade with the peoples of nearby Palestine, Syria, and Egypt. Around the 13th century BC, the Egyptian Pharoah Tuthmosis III set up Egyptian rule in Canaan--a country that included parts of Jordan and Palestine. During the time of the Biblical Old Testament, Canaan came under attack from the Israelites, who had earlier escaped from slavery in Egypt. Attacks on Canaan by the Israelites and others reduced Egypt's control over the area. Egyptian rule of nearby lands was followed by Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman rule.

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