Sample Nigeria - Culture (Grades 5-6) Worksheet
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Nigeria - Culture
By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman

1     Turn on the radio or pick your favorite CD to listen to. Listen carefully to the music. What do you like about it? Do you like the beat--the sound of the bass and drums, the way it makes you want to dance? What about the melody--the notes being sung or maybe a guitar or keyboard part? If you live in the Western world, chances are the music you hear every day has been influenced by Nigerian music.
2     Today, there are many different kinds of music in Nigeria. Some of it may be familiar to you, and some of it you have probably never heard before. For instance, in Nigerian nightclubs you would hear popular Nigerian pop, rap, hip-hop, and rock music. In churches in Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, you would hear lots of gospel music, similar to songs sung in Western churches. Maybe you have heard reggae music. Reggae music is usually thought to be from the Caribbean countries. But there is a lot of reggae music in Nigeria, too.
3     But have you ever heard of juju music? It is a very popular style of music in Nigeria. Many people mistake juju music for reggae, which is understandable. Both forms of music feature modern instruments like the electric guitar and more traditional rhythm instruments. Another kind of music is Hausa. It is the music of the people of northern Nigeria. It is very diverse--it uses everything from trumpets to one- or two-stringed fiddles.

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