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Camping in Acadia National Park
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     "We're finally here!" exclaimed Sara from the back seat of the car.
2     Michael heaved a sigh of relief. The trip had been a long one, but as he looked around, Michael felt it was worth the drive. The van pulled into the campsite they would call home for the weekend, and the family stepped out of the car and stretched. They breathed in the fresh ocean air and looked up at the tall white pine trees surrounding their campsite.
3     Dad stepped to the back of the van and started to unload the equipment they would need. He handed Michael a rake and said, "Do you see that flat area over there?" Michael looked over to where Dad pointed and nodded his head in agreement. "Please take this rake and go clear off any debris. That's where we will set up the tent."
4     "O.K.," said Michael, and he headed off to his assignment.
5     Dad pulled the tent and tarps out of the back of the van. Heading over to the area he had chosen, he and Michael proceeded to set up the tent. Sara helped Mom take the rest of the camping equipment out of the van. After clearing off the pine needles, they set down the first load and headed back for more. Before long, Dad and Michael had the tent set up and a tarp over the picnic table. Sara and Mom had the rest of the campsite organized and ready for the weekend.
6     Sara sat down and asked, "Now what?"
7     Mom grinned and looked at Dad, who grinned back.
8     Michael looked over at them and asked, "Do you two have something planned?"
9     "As a matter of fact, we do," said Dad.
10     Mom pulled an envelope out of a box on the picnic table. "We have a scavenger hunt for you to do over the next few days. We will be hiking through the park, and we've put together a list of Maine state symbols for you to find. We thought it would be fun and help you complete your school project on Maine," said Mom.

Paragraphs 11 to 36:
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