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The Little Snout
By Shannon Jackson

1     Suzie saw the little snout poking out from the large pile of limbs, sticks, and rocks. She was in what her dad called "the brush patch." Suzie liked to explore. And she really liked to explore out here, behind her house. She could count on seeing deer, chipmunks, and ravens. If she were lucky, she'd get to see porcupine or elk, and once she even saw a bear.
2     She wasn't quite sure who this snout belonged to. It was too small to be a coyote. Could it be a weasel? She had been told to stay clear of these piles, because her mom was afraid she would scare some wild animal, and it would attack her in self-defense. She should just turn around and leave it be-she knew-but the temptation was too strong. She was curious about what could be in that pile.
3     Suzie found an old stump and decided to stay far enough away that she would be out of danger, yet close enough to see what came out from under the pile. Suzie sat on the scratchy stump. She waited and waited. She waited some more. As she sat there, she listened to the buzz of insects flying around, busy doing their "buggy things." A pretty, little, purple butterfly flitted from the red top of an Indian paintbrush to a wild rose bush nearby.

Paragraphs 4 to 7:
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