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A Little Planning Makes All the Difference
By Shannon Jackson

1     How many times has someone told you to plan ahead? Here's a true story about a group of men who really should have listened to that advice!
2     In 1811, a group of fur trappers entered Idaho. The party had about 65 people, including one woman and two children. They became known as the Astorians, and they were led by William Price Hunt. The Astorians had started west from St. Louis in 1810. Their goal was to make their way to a fur trading post on the Pacific Coast. This post was called Astoria, named after John Jacob Astor, who was owner of the American Fur Company.
3     The trouble started when the Hunt party was fooled by the peaceful looking Snake River at Fort Henry. Some of the men insisted that the group should save time and energy by using the river to float to the Pacific Coast. Little did they know-sharp rocks, rough water, and water falls would make that impossible. Other men would call the Snake River the "Mad River" because of its rough, swift water.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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