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Madagascar - History

Madagascar - History
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     challenging words:    modernization, anti-French, short-lived, socialism, revolt, founded, cultural, arrival, largely, democracy, political, cooperation, ethnic, ruler, lasted, successful
     content words:    Southeast Asia, Queen Ranavalona III, After World War II, On June

Madagascar - History
By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman

1     What would you do if people, who didn't look like you, didn't speak your language, and had very different ideas about how to live invaded your country? Would you try to live with them, learn from them and adopt some of their culture? Or would you try to throw them out and return to your own way of life? These are questions that the Malagasy (the people of Madagascar) have tried to answer in different ways throughout its history.
2     The earliest Malagasy lived on the island between 1,500 and 2,000 years ago. The earliest Malagasy were a mixture of people, some from Africa, others from India and other parts of Southeast Asia. Early settlers from Southeast Asia brought with them rice farming, a practice that is widespread in today's Madagascar.
3     For much of Madagascar's history, the Malagasy people were left alone, largely free of outside influence. Traders from Arab lands used Madagascar as a stopping point along trade routes. Today, there are ruins of Arab forts in Madagascar that date back to the 9th century.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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