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Bulgaria - Culture

Bulgaria - Culture
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 5 to 7
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   6.32

     challenging words:    literature, spiritual, writing, independence, schoolteacher, recite, power, daily, gathering, such, although, works, rule, powerful, capital, century
     content words:    Hristo Botev, Botio Petkov, Ottoman Empire, Dimitar Panichkov, Here Botev, Bulgarian Revival, On May, Danube River, Most Bulgarians

Bulgaria - Culture
By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman

1     Think of something that means a lot to you. Maybe your family, your friends, or something you own. What about your way of life--the town or city you live in and the country where you live? Now imagine if someone were trying to take that away from you. What would you do to keep it? Would you fight?
2     In Bulgaria, there was a man in this position. His country was being taken away from him. He wasn't ready to let it go without a fight. It's hard to believe, but this man chose to fight not with fists or guns, but with poems. This man's name was Hristo Botev, and he is one of Bulgaria's most respected writers. Every student in Bulgaria knows his name and his works. In Bulgaria's capital, there is a main street named after him.
3     Botev was born in 1848 in a beautiful town called Kalofer. It is said that Botev inherited a lot of his talent from his father. His father, Botio Petkov, was a schoolteacher. Botev went to school in the town where his father worked. He finished school in Kalofer in 1863, and left for Russia for more studies. He studied for two years in Odessa, Ukraine, where he got his first poem published on April 15, 1867. Even though it was just his first published poem, people loved it.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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