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A Texas Camping Trip
By Tammy Scarbrough

1     The weather was starting to get warm, and the monarch butterflies were everywhere. Mike came into the house with his butterfly net.
2     Dad inquired, "What are you doing, son?"
3     "I was trying to catch butterflies," Mike replied, "and I started thinking about going camping again. Do you think we could go this weekend?"
4     "Sure," answered Dad, "since we don't have any other plans for the weekend."
5     Mom went shopping the next day and bought some food for the camping trip. Her favorite food to bring was watermelon because it was ripe and juicy. She thought that it would be fun to have a seed-spitting contest on the camping trip. While Mom was shopping, Dad was packing the tents and camping supplies for the trip. They decided to go to Eisenhower State Park near Oklahoma.
6     While driving to the state park, Mike noticed some flowers on the side of the road.
7     "Mom, what are those flowers?" he asked.
8     Mom answered, "Those are bluebonnets, our state flowers."
9     Mike thought they were very pretty. As they drove further, they saw some horses and cows.

Paragraphs 10 to 23:
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