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The Concord Coach
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     The inside of the Concord Coach was hot and dusty. The bouncing of the carriage was making my back ache. The dusty trail stretched out ahead of me as we rode down the trail. Suddenly the horses reared, and the driver shouted, "Giddy up!" I was sent flying back into the leather seat with a start as the horses raced at the driver's command. Desperately, I pulled myself up to the window to find out what was happening. Behind us in a cloud of dust, I could vaguely make out shadows of men on horses.
2     "Robbers!" I thought as I sank back into the seat with a thump. My heart was beating wildly as I wondered what would happen. My mind raced with the possibilities. Then, without a warning, the coach came to a stop. I looked out the window to see masked men talking to the driver, who had his hands in the air.
3     One of the men looked at me over the top of his mask. He called my name, "Jaaake!"
4     Suddenly, I was back at the New Hampshire History Museum in front of the Concord Coach. My friend Emily was staring me in the eye with a frown on her face.
5     "Where have you been?" Emily asked.
6     "On the Concord Coach," I answered.
7     "You're not supposed to climb on it!" exclaimed Emily.
8     "I know. I wasn't really on it, just wondering what it would be like to be on it."

Paragraphs 9 to 23:
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