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Huya's Apprenticeship
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     It was still dark when Huya awoke for the day. He was to report to the village goldsmith today and begin work as an apprentice. This was a great honor for Huya, and he was excited to begin his training.
2     Huya rose from his mat, rolled it up, and placed it in the corner of the small room where his family slept. Looking around, he saw that his younger sister, Asru, was still sleeping. His parents' mats had been put away, so Huya knew they were up to see him off. Softly, he walked into the room next door where he found his mother preparing breakfast.
3     "Good morning, my son," said his mother.
4     "Good morning, Mother," said Huya. "Where is Father?"
5     "He has gone fishing," answered his mother. "He should return shortly."
6     "It would be nice to see him before I leave this morning," replied Huya.
7     "I'm sure he will be back," said his mother.
8     Huya sat at a small table in the corner of the room to eat his breakfast of figs and bread. As he finished, his father came in the back door of the small house.
9     "Good morning, Huya," said his father. "It is good to see you up early to begin your apprenticeship."
10     "Yes, Father," said Huya. "I want to be early on my first day to show my thanks for this opportunity."
11     "And a fine opportunity it is!" said his father proudly. "Your grandfather was a fine goldsmith. He made many beautiful pieces of jewelry for the pharaohs of his time. Alas, my hands were not made for such finery. You have been given a talent like your grandfather's, and you must work hard to prove your worth to the master goldsmith, Nekau. Your grandfather's influence can only help you to begin. This apprenticeship is important to your future. There are very few Egyptian boys who are given so great a chance to be more than just a servant, farmer, or worker in the mines or quarries. We cannot send you to school; this is your only chance at something better."
12     "I will work hard, Father," said Huya. "I know my talent is a gift that will bring honor to my family. I will use it wisely."
13     "Off with you now," said his mother, handing him a sack. "Here is your lunch for the day, some bread, grapes, and cheese. Do not lose it on your way, or you will be very hungry tonight."
14     Huya grinned and thanked his mother as he headed out the door. In the east, the sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon. Huya thanked the sun god, Aton, for another day as he walked along the dusty road to the goldsmith shop in the center of Thebes. It was the end of the dry season, and Huya looked forward to the day the Nile would flood and the dust would not be so plentiful. As he walked along, he looked across the river towards the Valley of the Kings and thought about all the beautiful gold articles buried there with the pharaohs of the past. He dreamed that some of his articles would someday be among those taken to the afterlife by members of the royal household. Before long, he had arrived at the goldsmith's shop and was greeted by Nekau, the master goldsmith.

Paragraphs 15 to 29:
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