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Khufu's Great Pyramid
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Hemiunu stood at the base of the structure and looked up. "Magnificent," he said to himself. "I hope Khufu will be pleased."
2     Hemiunu was the nephew of Khufu, pharaoh of Egypt. The pharaoh had put him in charge of building a tomb for the pharaoh. After his death, Khufu wanted to be entombed in a secret chamber to keep his mummified body and treasures safe for the trip to the afterlife. After 20 years of work, Hemiunu had completed the project. The pyramid stood 482 feet high. Its corners pointed north, south, east, and west and the top straight up to the afterlife. The giant structure could be seen for miles around. It had taken 2,300,000 two and one-half ton blocks and thousands of men to build it.
3     "It is finished?" asked a deep voice behind Hemiunu.
4     Startled, Hemiunu turned to face his uncle, "Yes, it is finished, my king."
5     "Show me what you have done," said Khufu.
6     "Very well," answered Hemiunu.
7     The two turned and walked to the front of the giant pyramid. Walking along the causeway, they came to the Mortuary temple. Entering the temple, Hemiunu showed the pharaoh the paintings on the walls that depicted his life to date.
8     "Here is mighty pharaoh on his horse at war with our enemies, and over here is the family portrait with your daughters," explained Hemiunu.
9     "They are well done," replied Khufu looking around the huge open room. "Shall we continue?"
10     Walking to the back of the temple, the two men entered the great pyramid. They started up the ascending corridor and came to the first of three chambers that had been built inside the structure. "We call this the queen's chamber," said Hemiunu.

Paragraphs 11 to 32:
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