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The Mystery of the Cave
By Tammy Scarbrough

1     Harry and Sarah were playing in the sand with the rest of their class while Mr. Campbell was taking pictures of the barrel cactus and critters in the desert. They knew that they had been on this field trip for awhile and that they would be leaving soon, but Harry looked up and noticed a huge rock in the distance.
2     "Sarah, let's go check out that rock," he said.
3     Sarah agreed, and they went exploring. The closer they got, the more they wondered exactly what that big rock really was. It was a mystery!
4     When they got close, Sarah exclaimed, "That's not a rock. That's a cave!"
5     "Let's take a peek inside," said Harry.
6     "I don't know," said Sarah, "it looks kind of scary."
7     "Come on," Harry urged. "It'll be fun."
8     As they entered the cave, they saw a lot of rock formations. Some were hanging down from the ceiling of the cave. They remembered Mr. Campbell telling them about these formations in class, so they knew that those were called stalactites. The ones that are coming up from the floor of the cave are called stalagmites. The deeper they went into the cave, the darker it became.
9     Then, all at once, they heard a loud screeching noise. When they looked around to see where it was coming from, they saw bats everywhere.

Paragraphs 10 to 18:
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