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The Columbus Day Weekend Trip
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Kyle woke to the sun streaming through his window. The day was finally here. Each year, his family took a Columbus Day weekend trip to their Aunt Barbara's home on Lake Champlain.
2     Kyle stretched, hopped out of bed, and ran down to the kitchen. His parents were having coffee and turned to greet Kyle as he came into the room.
3     "Good morning," Kyle said.
4     "Good morning," said Mom and Dad.
5     "When do we leave?" asked Kyle.
6     "As soon as we are ready. There are a few more people who have to get up," said Dad.
7     "What's for breakfast?" asked Kyle.
8     "Cereal, muffins, and fruit," answered Mom.
9     Kyle sat down and ate his breakfast. When he was done, he asked if he could wake up the rest of the family.
10     "Sure," said Mom. "Just be gentle."
11     "Aw, Mom!" exclaimed Kyle.
12     "Gentle," reminded Dad.
13     "Okay," said Kyle, heading back up the stairs to wake his brother and sister.

Paragraphs 14 to 44:
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