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The Columbus Day Weekend Trip
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Kyle woke to the sun streaming through his window. The day was finally here. Each year, his family took a Columbus Day weekend trip to their Aunt Barbara's home on Lake Champlain.
2     Kyle stretched, hopped out of bed, and ran down to the kitchen. His parents were having coffee and turned to greet Kyle as he came into the room.
3     "Good morning," Kyle said.
4     "Good morning," said Mom and Dad.
5     "When do we leave?" asked Kyle.
6     "As soon as we are ready. There are a few more people who have to get up," said Dad.
7     "What's for breakfast?" asked Kyle.
8     "Cereal, muffins, and fruit," answered Mom.
9     Kyle sat down and ate his breakfast. When he was done, he asked if he could wake up the rest of the family.

Paragraphs 10 to 44:
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