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Sarah's 4-H Honeybee Project
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Sarah sat at the kitchen table looking over her notes from her 4-H club. This year the club had chosen honeybees for their project. As she looked over the papers she received at the meeting, her mom sat down next to her.
2     "What are you doing, Sarah?" asked Mom.
3     "Just looking over the stuff from the 4-H meeting," said Sarah. "This year our club is going to raise honeybees. They are our state insect."
4     "That sounds like fun," said Mom. "When do you start?"
5     "At the next meeting, Mrs. Gordon has invited a beekeeper to come and talk to us. He will bring the hives and bees and tell us all about beekeeping," said Sarah. "I'm a little nervous. Don't bees sting?"
6     "Honeybees do sting," said Mom. "But I think they only sting to defend their hive. I'll go with you to the next meeting. Maybe that will help you feel less afraid."
7     "That would be great," said Sarah. "I'd like to have you come."
8     "When is the meeting?" asked Mom.
9     "It's next Saturday," said Sarah.

Paragraphs 10 to 41:
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