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Sarah's 4-H Honeybee Project
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Sarah sat at the kitchen table looking over her notes from her 4-H club. This year the club had chosen honeybees for their project. As she looked over the papers she received at the meeting, her mom sat down next to her.
2     "What are you doing, Sarah?" asked Mom.
3     "Just looking over the stuff from the 4-H meeting," said Sarah. "This year our club is going to raise honeybees. They are our state insect."
4     "That sounds like fun," said Mom. "When do you start?"
5     "At the next meeting, Mrs. Gordon has invited a beekeeper to come and talk to us. He will bring the hives and bees and tell us all about beekeeping," said Sarah. "I'm a little nervous. Don't bees sting?"
6     "Honeybees do sting," said Mom. "But I think they only sting to defend their hive. I'll go with you to the next meeting. Maybe that will help you feel less afraid."
7     "That would be great," said Sarah. "I'd like to have you come."
8     "When is the meeting?" asked Mom.
9     "It's next Saturday," said Sarah.
10     "Let's put that on the calendar," said Mom, getting up from the table to write the date on the family calendar.
11     The days went by quickly, and soon it was time for the 4-H meeting. As Sarah and her mom arrived, they met Mr. Hicks, the beekeeper. He was dressed in a white suit, a large hat with a net all around it, long leather gloves, and boots. Mrs. Gordon introduced Mr. Hicks to the group.
12     "Good afternoon," said Mr. Hicks.

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