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Jamie's Week at Camp Habitat
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Jamie stood at the front of the ferry. He scanned the dock for his parents. He had spent a week at his grandparents' home in Fairbanks and attended Camp Habitat at Creamers' Field. He was excited to get home and tell his parents all about it. As the ferry pulled into the Juneau station, he spotted them standing on the dock, waving. Jamie jumped up and down and waved back. He turned to his grandmother and grandfather, who had traveled back with him, and led them up to the railing of the ferry.
2     "There they are," said Jamie. "Right there on the dock, waving."
3     Granny and Grandpa spotted them and waved back. Before long, the ferry had pulled up to the dock, and the passengers began to unload.
4     Mom ran to greet Jamie. Giving him a hug, she said, "We've missed you, Jamie." She then turned to her parents and said, "Thank you for bringing him back. How was your week?"
5     Jamie piped in. "It was great!"
6     The adults smiled as Dad came to greet the travelers and put their luggage into the family car. On the ride home, Jamie told them all about his week.
7     "It was so much fun. We played games, hiked, fished, made crafts, and I even kept a journal. See, here it is. Do you want me to read it to you?" asked Jamie.
8     "We'd love that," answered Mom.
9     Jamie began to read his journal to his family.
10     "Day One. Today the speaker taught us about the wildlife in Alaska. Then we went on a nature hike. We spotted a moose, a red fox, and a snowshoe hare. We also saw a hummingbird, a hawk, and a bald eagle. We learned that our state bird, the willow ptarmigan, only visits in the winter.

Paragraphs 11 to 27:
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