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By Tammy Scarbrough

1     It was a quiet day in a little town in Kansas. The weather was hot and sunny. Children were playing on the playground at school. The bell rang loudly, and the children came into their classrooms and sat down.
2     "We will have a tornado drill today," announced Mrs. Barron, "so we will understand what we are to do in case of a tornado."
3     Because Kansas is a part of Tornado Alley, it gets many tornadoes every year. Mrs. Barron explained to her class that they must know the safest place to go to protect them from all the things that tornadoes pick up and thrust around. Two of the most important things to remember during a tornado are to stay away from windows and to get in the center of the building you are in. If there is any way to get underground, like a cellar, that would be the safest place.
4     After Mrs. Barron explained this to the class, the tornado bell began to ring. All the children were instructed to go to the hallway and line up. Since there was no real tornado at this time, the children thought it was cool to get out of math for awhile.
5     The drill was over and the children finished their day at school.

Paragraphs 6 to 14:
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