Sample His Name Was "Buffalo Bill" (Grades 2-3) Worksheet
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His Name Was "Buffalo Bill"
By Tammy Scarbrough

1     In a little town in Scott County, Iowa, William Cody was born. It was 1846. Cody grew up on the prairie. His father died when Cody was only 11 years old. At 13, he thought he would try to pan for gold in Colorado during the Gold Rush at Pike's Peak. A year later, he joined the Pony Express and would ride his horse as fast as he could for up to ten miles at a time.
2     When William Cody grew up, he decided to join the Civil War and work as an Indian scout. He would be on the lookout for Indians like the Kiowa and Comanche tribes. When he would see the Indians, he would start a battle with them.
3     When Cody was 31 years old, he began helping the people that put the railroad tracks together. They worked long and hard and were very hungry. Cody would hunt buffalo to feed the workers. He shot over 4,000 buffalo in a year and a half. The workers were so happy that they started calling him "Buffalo Bill."

Paragraphs 4 to 7:
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